Introducing Tagpacker

I don’t remember when I got the idea for a wizard rock site focused on lyrics, only that I finally caved and founded this place in August 2014, at a different URL. Back then, all the lyrics were posted on actual blog posts backdated to the date of the song’s release. About a year later, I decided that I wanted to overhaul this place and make it more organised (and yes, more aesthetically pleasing). So, in November 2015, I released version 2.0 of this site and (rather clumsily) explained my motives for the change here. I wrote:

This [the original system] meant that all the posts contained tags to make it easier to search lyrics — all the Romione songs were in the ‘hermione granger / ron weasley’ tag, for instance. All those tags are now GONE — I know it makes it just that much harder to find a stack of Romione (and who doesn’t love a stack of Romione?), but moving lyrics from blog posts to pages means that I can focus on uploading rather than tagging (and isn’t that the whole point?).

Well, fear not! I have discovered a way to find a stack of Romione! Let me introduce you to Tagpacker, a site I stumbled upon while looking for an alternative to Google Bookmarks. It’s simply a place where you can organise bookmarks by tagging them to your heart’s content. I have taken the liberty of creating my own account and tagging, over the last few days, every single one of the song lyrics on this site (over 500, including filks and covers!). This means that you can now filter songs by:

Please let me know of any issues, mistakes or suggestions. Have fun!


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