8tracks Mix – let’s not be the last to fall in love

  1. The Curse Breakers — Be My Dementor
  2. Let’s Lumos! feat. Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls — Amortentia
  3. Percy and the Prefects — Penelope Clearwater
  4. How Airplanes Fly — To Fall in Love
  5. The Parselmouths — Heartbreaker
  6. Ginny and the Weasleys — The Valentine Song
  7. Obliviate! — Sparks
  8. The Mudbloods — I Wish You’d Be My Witch
  9. Roonil Wazlib — Green Eyes
  10. Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls — The Meaning of Lonely
  11. The HMS Wolfstar — Give Me the Moon
  12. Ginny and the Heartbreakers — The Happiest Day
  13. Oblivate! — Portkey to You
  14. Split Seven Ways — Come Home Tonight
  15. Hawthorn & Holly — Timeturner
  16. Roonil Wazlib — Mollywobbles
  17. Anvil and the Hints — Thank You, Amortentia
  18. Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons — Seventeen
  19. Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls — Lupin’s Tale
  20. How Airplanes Fly — Chocolate Frog Card
  21. Ginny and the Heartbreakers — Dragons and Beasts
  22. Riddle™ — Ballad of Ron and Hermione
  23. Split Seven Ways — Hand on My Heart
  24. Creevey Crisis — Not Standing Silent
  25. Let’s Lumos! — Dentist’s Daughter

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