Unveiling Your Wizard Rock Resource!


Hello there! Some of you may know of this site under the name Wizard Rock Lyrics. I am happy to announce that that site is gone forever (sorry about the broken links). However, in its place is the new and improved Your Wizard Rock Resource. It’s sleek! It’s shiny! It’s (hopefully) easier to update and navigate!

The site has regenerated, so to speak, if you will forgive me a Doctor Who reference on a Potterish website. It is unrecognisable in name and appearance only; much of the content is the same, barring the layout and some of the lyrics pages. These big changes have come about for a number of reasons:

  • I wanted a less generic title. (Wizard Rock Lyrics is simple, but a bit too vague for my liking).
  • I wanted to redo the theme. (The cropped and resized featured images were particularly annoying.)
  • I wanted to revamp the entire setup. Details below.

Previously, I had been collecting lyrics and uploading each one to a separate blog post, backdating the posts so that they appeared to have been published on the day of the song’s release. There were a handful of pages for bands discographies, as well.

The step-by-step process was like this:

  1. Listen to a song
  2. Search for lyrics online if available; if not, transcribe lyrics by hand
  3. Listen to the song again to check accuracy
  4. Find cover art for the relevant album
  5. Find the release date for the song
  6. Find a way to listen to the song online, preferably embedded
  7. Compile blog post for the lyrics
  8. Tag said post with character, genre, pairing and topic tags

This meant that all the posts contained tags to make it easier to search lyrics — all the Romione songs were in the ‘hermione granger / ron weasley’ tag, for instance. All those tags are now GONE — I know it makes it just that much harder to find a stack of Romione (and who doesn’t love a stack of Romione?), but moving lyrics from blog posts to pages means that I can focus on uploading rather than tagging (and isn’t that the whole point?).

Also, the original system was a LOT of work, and I’ve discovered that the reason updates were so sporadic was because I found updating tedious and bothersome. Also, there are many, many songs that I don’t know the release dates of, and probably never will (old Myspace releases, anyone?). I can’t just date every one of those songs with the first of January. It’s both messy and deceiving. Hence the mass conversion of posts to pages. Posts will be reserved for site updates, featured songs, reviews and general here’s-what’s-going-on messages. Kind of like Twitter, really, but more in-depth.

Lastly, I’ve finally discovered how to put in a contact form (idiot … the button was right there), so several pages have been combined into one. Any requests, submissions, questions or general feedback can go to the new Contact page (including your impression of the new layout and theme, hint hint). Please let me know of any errors, things to add, etc., etc.

P.S. I don’t know why the change to the new theme means commenting isn’t available on pages created after the switch. I’m still looking into this.



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