8tracks Mix – Hogwarts House Pride

  1. Tonks and the Aurors — Sort Me
  2. The Parselmouths — Being in Slytherin is Not Half Bad
  3. Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls — Just a Hufflepuff
  4. Colours in the Cauldron — I’m a Ravenclaw (Gryffindor)
  5. Draco and the Malfoys — Slytherin Pride
  6. Swish and Flick — Hogwarts House Party
  7. The Blibbering Humdingers — No Shame in Hufflepuff (2014 Studio Mix)
  8. The Nifflers — Made to Be a Gryffindor
  9. Lily & James — It’s Good to Be a Ravenclaw
  10. The Parselmouths — Prerequisites
  11. Ravenrock — Sorting Song
  12. The Butterbeer Experience — It Sucks
  13. The Puffskein Experience — Ravenclaw
  14. Harry and the Potters — Gryffindor Rocks
  15. Riddle™ — The Sorting Hat
  16. Swish and Flick — S-l-y in Slytherin
  17. Lily & James — What’s in Store (for a Gryffindor)
  18. The Puffskein Experience — Wit Beyond Measure
  19. The Whomping Willows — House of Awesome Theme Song

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